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Music Meme- Once Upon A Time by Jeh-Leh-Loh Music Meme- Once Upon A Time by Jeh-Leh-Loh

I was tagged forever ago by :iconsakora1: and now I'm FINALLY finishing this meme....

Yeah, I read the part about no editing a bit too late into this project- sorry about that! But the actual 'Sketch part' is done within the time frame given for each song. SO without further ado- The music meme!

First Song is 'Don't say goodbye' by Skillet, I drew Belle and Rumple in the hospital of course during 'The Outsider' ep, Lyrics->[link]

Second Song is All I wanted by Paramore, Now I think most of us picture some girl singing to her ex or crush or whatever... but The whole time that 'All I wanted was you' bit screamed Henry and Regina's relationship- yeah, this isn't Swan Queen, sorry :/ Lyrics->[link]

Song three was AC/DC's Evil Walks, I' guessing most of you- even OUAT fans- couldn't recognize these two. THATS OKAY On the roleplaying board I'm involved in we resurrected Maleficent and:iconlagger2: created a Dracula character to run around and kill people with. It's very amusing(He abducted Hook and used him in dance lessons). BUT they currently have a very steamy relationship going- and by steamy I mean sadistic. BUT IT'S AWESOME-> [link]

The Fourth Song is Set Apart this dream by Flyleaf- INSTANTLY I thought of Snow and Her mom... well her dad too- but I only had so much time 'Heart of the purest gold, Pure Clean and White as Snow, Clothed in such splendor, oh what a beauty for me' -> [link]

Fifth was P!NK's Please Don't Leave Me- pretty much the song of Regina's life->[link]

A New Way To Bleed by Evanessence, this song was on the Avengers track(my guess is it was intended to be a Loki and or Black Widow song) and It's very Much Regina in her 'Dark Moments' ->[link]

Tides Began To Rise by Demon Hunter is Dr Whale/Victor Frankenstein hands down ->[link]

The eighth song is Nutmeg Fantasy by Macy Gray, again a little bit of RP board pairing stuff. Ariel and Hook aren't really 'official', and by no means 'true love' but they are usually pretty eager to jump into bed with each other(Ariel is unfortunately cursed to Love Hook as part of the magic that allows her to be human)- but in the end they become decent friends.... for now(though Ariel is constantly frustrated w/ Hooks obsession for Revenge and belief that he can never have a happy ending....) ->[link]

One Day She'll Love Me by Sting featuring Shawn Colvin- Belle and Rumple ;)-> [link]

AND I FINISHED WITH A BIT OF FRANKENWOLF, Promise The Stars by We The Kings is just kind of a cute Couple-y song ->[link]

I have tagged :iconendlesssecrets:, :iconthisbirdtoohasflown: and :iconlagger2:- Take your time girls!

Original template [link]

Ariel is :iconkourankiyo:'s
Dracula is :iconlagger2:

The res are all ABC Once Upon A Time Characters! Enjoy babies!!!
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ThisBirdTooHasFlown Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You draw the characters so well.... <3
AND I've been tagged? :D
I'll get right on it!
AmbreeChristineSkye Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Love it. :heart: my fav has to be... The Rumbelles (what else? =D)
KouranKiyo Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love this so much there are no words at how awesome this is!!
TheLizardLover Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Evil Walks is a damn good song.

By the way, EXCELLENT art.
pikachulover94 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
awesome.... please do me a favor and vote Rumplestiltskin and Belle?[link]
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